Family Law

At Gerrard L. McGowan LLP Solicitors we provide trusted and sympathetic family law services. This is a strictly confidential service and we will listen to you and set out your options in a clear and practical way. We ensure that you are advised of your legal rights and obligations under Irish legislation. We endeavor to advise clients of every route available to them and we will ensure that clients are given every opportunity to understand the decisions before them. We will do everything in our power to implement mediated and negotiated agreements and will only pursue your matter through the courts when all other non contentious avenues have been exhausted.

Our family law solicitors provide experienced and sensitive advice and guidance on matters relating to :

  • Separation Agreements
  • Judicial Separation and Divorce
  • Breakdown of co-habitation and non-marital relationships
  • Maintenance applications and rights; financial settlements
  • Nullity
  • Guardianship of children, custody and access
  • Domestic violence
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Advising on cohabitation law and drafting Cohabitation Agreements.
  • Protection of property, farm or business assets
  • Surrogacy & Irish law

To discuss any aspect of our family law services or speak with one of our experienced solicitors, please contact us.


Notice To ClientsGerrard L. McGowan LLP Solicitors

Notification of Authorisation of Gerrard L. McGowan Solicitors to operate as an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership).

Under the Legal Services Regulation Act, 2015 (Limited Liability Partnerships) (Section 130) Regulations 2019 (S.I. 519 of 2019) as soon as practicable after we have been authorised to operate as an LLP we are obliged to provide the following information to our clients and creditors: –

(a) Gerrard L. McGowan Solicitors have been authorised to operate, and are now operating, as an LLP (hereinafter called “the LLP”);

(b) The LLP has been authorised with effect from 3rd May 2021;

(c) From 3rd May 2021, as set out in section 123 of the Act (subject to the exceptions listed therein), a partner in the LLP has no personal liability for any debts, liabilities or obligations which are incurred for the purpose of carrying on the business of the LLP (whether these are liabilities of the LLP, of himself or herself, of another partner or partners in the LLP or of any employee, agent or representative of the LLP) and however such liability may arise;

(d) That (c) above relates only to the personal liability of partners and does not prevent or restrict the enforcement against the property of the LLP of any debt, liability or obligation; and

(e) that from 3rd May 2021 the Partnership Act 1890 applies to the LLP to the extent that it is not inconsistent with Chapter 3 of Part 8 of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015.

Dated: 3rd May 2021