1. Firstly establish who has been injured and if necessary arrange for an ambulance- prioritise on getting medical attention at the scene if required.
  2. Call and notify the Gardaí at the scene.  If the Gardaí do not attend at the scene ensure that they have a record of your phone call notifying them of the accident and obtain the Garda’s details.
  3. Exchange insurance details with the other third party at the scene.
  4. Get the names and addresses and phone numbers of any independent witnesses to the accident.
  5. Take photos on your camera phone of the position of both cars on the road following the accident, including any debris/broken glass on the road and any skid marks.  Take photos of the insurance disc on the Third Party vehicle.
  6. Don’t leave the scene of the accident until the Gardaí are called and arrive. If the accident is minor and there are no obvious injuries the Gardaí may state that they will not be calling and that it is a civil matter between the parties. If so give all your insurance details to the Third Party and obtain similar information from them.
  7.  If the  Third Party is aggressive or argumentative at the scene don’ t engage in an argument with them.
  8. Notify your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident even if you believe that the Third Party is fully at fault.
  9. Write down a written record of your recollection of the accident and draw a sketch of the roadway and the cars.
  10.  Make contact with your Solicitor and provide them with all of the above information including any photographs and sketch map and if you can and your own written account of it.




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