Who We Are

The firm was founded in 1932 by Gerrard L. McGowan who was widely regarded as one of the top solicitors who served the Fingal area for 40 years. Outside of the law Gerrard was a Labour Party TD in the 1930s, a former captain of Rush Golf Club, a founder of Balbriggan Golf Club and a former president of Delvin RFC (now Boyne RFC). He died in 1971.

He was succeeded by Joe McGowan, nephew of our founder. Joe McGowan was principal of the practice from 1971 until his death in 1988. A keen rugby fan, he represented Leinster and was captain & president of Bective Rangers FC. He was also captain of Balbriggan Golf Club in 1972.

Joe McGowan was succeeded by Conor Sparks and later Donogh McGowan (son of Joe McGowan) who joined the firm in  1992. Donogh McGowan is now the managing partner of the Firm.

In recent years, Ruth Higgins partner, Stephanie Trant solicitor and Siobhan MacNiallais solicitor joined the firm.

Gerrard L. mcgowan Solicitors

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